Flowers are the main inspiration of my work.

They open my heart, generate a meditative environment and allow me to retreat to my inner self.

They lift my spirits, and encourage me to paint.

Flowers bear a potent resemblance to the nature of human beings: how they transit from seed to full bloom; fragile, but with a strong vitality; getting

nourishment from the earth while reaching for the sky; wherever they are, they radiate the best of themselves.
Over time I discovered the healing virtues of

the flowers and their ability to heal at different levels: physical and also emotional and spiritual. Essences, like Dr Bach one’s are powerful. The presence

of flowers on earth is such a benefit, and we receive so much from them without even being aware of it.

My aim is to try to transmit some of these subtle benefits through my paintings.

In 2013, my work comes out of its usual sphera, to invetigate the tightrope walker realm : these people experience a great joy, walking around on a rope

in the sky : let’s just come out of our usual state of mind, this reassuring perception of the ground, and break the limiting barriers of our everyday life settings.

Let’s feel the space around us, this feeling of illimited and open space, the hapiness to be beyond our landmarks, playing joyfully with these unexpected