For several years now, I have had the pleasure of leading courses

For adults:
On Thursday afternoons, I suggest that small groups come to the workshop for 3 hour sessions.

I teach oil painting and drawing, with the goal for every-one to find their own way of expression.
The idea is to develop creativity and fulfillment, in a pleasant and serene setting, in the countryside.
Classes generally begin with 5 minutes of meditation.

In the winter in the workshop, since the start of the covid, I limit the course to 5 participants.
On sunny days we can work in the garden which extends to the river, or elsewhere if we feel like it.

For children:

On wednesday afternoon from 2 to 4 pm limited to 4 children.
From 3 years old, they can express themselves in gouache, on large format sheets that will be hung on the washing line in the workshop to proudly show parents the achievements at the end.
The aim of these “courses” is the development of autonomy in painting, confidence in his creative abilities and the pleasure of painting.

2-hour sessions with afternoon tea and exhibition!
15 € / session, equipment and aprons provided.
I name these courses: “Painting to be happy, the Hyper creative”